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St. Paul Island (Pribilofs), Alaska

Follow me on an 'adventure' tour of the sights of St. Paul.
Although you may see many of the bird / mammal species found at St. Paul in
the accompanying galleries (BACK on your browser) we have left this gallery page
as a scenic tour of a visit to this remote Bering Sea island.

(one of the two Pribilof Islands).

St. Paul, Alaska MAP
Map showing St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea west of Anchorage (St. George Island 45 miles away)

Reeve Aleutian Airways was the previous airlines but has gone out of business (what I flew to St. Paul in the 'old' days)

PenAir Airlines provides flights  to/from St. Paul from Anchorage
PenAir Airlines shuttles visitors to / from St. Paul and St. George Island, Alaska now
(the Pribilofs) in the Bering Sea but was Reeve Aleutian Airways for a long time

St. Paul Island, Alaska MAP
St. Paul Map - the King Eider Hotel is now at the Airport (was in town in years past)

St. Paul, Alaska, or was that Minnesota?
St. Paul population sign along with an overhead concrete roadway bridge?  :)       ......... jus'
Although the roads are actually very good, they certainly are not paved, nor are there any 'overhead bridges'
nor, is the population anywhere near 272,235 people at St. Paul Island, Alaska in the Pribilofs

St. Paul, Alaska town sign
The 'real' St. Paul (Alaska) sign

Landing in St. Paul, Alaska on Reeve Aleutian Airways
St. Paul Island as you approach landing at the airstrip
this is looking back north (the Northeast Point as it's called) and the large lake on the left is "Big Lake"

taken back in the 1980's on slide film

Landing coming in over "Big Lake" on St. Paul, Pribilof Islands, Alaska
St. Paul Island as you approach landing at the airstrip and coming in over "Big Lake"
taken with Digital camera - 2013


Now some Birds

A few asian 'vagrants' from a recent fall trip.  YES, there are all the spring goodies such as the
Puffins, Kittiwakes, Auklets, Cormorants, etc. but the possibilities for great Asian strays
is also quite high as shown in the below species images of Asian birds in fall
Eurasian Bullfinch -fall male- (St. Paul Island, Alaska) Hawfinch -fall male- (St. Paul Island, Alaska)
Siberian Accentor -fall- (St. Paul Island, Alaska) Eyebrowed Thrush -fall- (St. Paul Island, Alaska)


St. Paul Island Tours Bus - St. Paul, Alaska
King Eider Hotel shuttle bus picks you up to carry you out to points of interest
(actually not sure as of 2011 if this bus is still utilized - I did not see any such bus in 2011)

New King Eider Hotel Sign (much nicer with almost all the amenities at the airstrip -not in town as old hotel)

'old' King Eider Hotel (new one at the airstrip now), St. Paul, Alaska
The OLD King Eider Hotel - it looks much more run down now and is not utilized for anything either

Cliffs at St. Paul where seabirds and alcids nest
The Cliffs at St. Paul where nesting Puffins, Auklets, Cormorants and Kittiwakes can be found

Bird cliffs at St. Paul, Alaska
Another view of the cliffs from a 'birds eye view' as well as the snow even though June!

Crab Pots in fall just before crabbing season - St. Paul Island, Alaska The infamous "Crab Pots" at St. Paul Island, Aklaska where so many rare bird species have occurred along with 2 on this web page
Crab Pots (area where many rare asian stray birds are found) that await loading on crab boats for
crabbing season about to start in October (note Arctic Fox walking across the road)

St. Paul, Alaska view of this small Bering Sea island village St. Paul, Alaska rainbow over the village
St. Paul village with a rainbow forming (right) on a 'nice' day

St. Paul Crab Boat (Deadliest Catch), St. Paul Island, Alaska) St. Paul, Alaska crab boat going out in very big surf and high seas (as in Deadliest Catch)
The 'Crab Boats' of St. Paul Island - as seen on the TV show Deadliest Catch - loading up and heading out for Crabbing season

St. Paul, Alaska big storm rolling in quick
Big storm rolling in quickly - as it does in the Bering Sea - to St. Paul, Alaska

St. Paul Island Birding MAP showing main hotspots on the island

There is much more to come but it takes a great deal of time
to scan and upload images for your enjoyment !!

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