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Christopher Taylor's Website (my Son) - Phenomenal images!!!   /   Christopher Taylor Nature and Wildlife Photography

Here's a wonderful site with ideas and resources for Beginning Birders suggested by Sara (Thanks Sara!!):


A Guide to Bird-Watching With Binoculars (Suggested by SEAN, from Boy Scout Troop:

Build Your Own Birdhouse for Your Backyard Birding Hobby
   About basic tips to start birdwatching and to build your own birdhouse.  A great first look for new to birdwatching and building birdhouses.

KID'S PLANET (outstanding Kid's Site)  

Animal Planet and Discovery Channel  
Animal Planet (on Discovery Channel)Discovery Channel

Academy of Natural Sciences            
Academy of Natural Sciences (PA)

National Wildlife Federation®  
National Wildlife Federation
People and Nature: Our Future Is in the Balance

Birds & Ornithology:

Earth & Sky Web Site

World Wildlife Fund
World Wildlife Fund  (WWF)

ALSO Some great Kid's Sites on Environmental Concerns about our Planet
(Remember our Children when you decide to not take care of our Mother Earth)

Endangered Animals:

Top Science Projects:

Energy Kids:

Field Guides and Resources


Defenders of Wildlife                            
Defenders of Wildlife

American Birding Association         
American Birding Association

Image List by Species

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